A man believes an executioner from 130 years ago has returned to kill again.

Genre: Horror

In 1874 a cruel executioner, the Headsman, decapitated criminals.
Now David and his wife move to a remote country house. Soon they stumble upon the old, abandoned execution ground. David develops an obsession with the place and has a hard time distinguishing between fantasy and reality. He suspects the Headsman has returned to kill again, but no one believes him.

Low-budget script. Few locations and characters.



A skeptical teen girl heads into the forest to search for the Door to hell.

Genre: Supernatural horror/found footage

Dana, a skeptical teen girl, films supernatural claims and debunks them. One day she and her boyfriend head off into the Wycham forest to look for a cave that is supposed to be a door to hell. As they get closer strange, unsettling things start happening. Finally Dana becomes a believer as she experiences the horror that lies beyond the Door to hell.

Low-budget script. To be filmed with handheld cameras (Blair Witch-style)



A bad father must do everything to save his daughter from an alien presence.

Genre: Horror/sci-fi/drama

Leo is divorced and has a bad relationship with his 6-year-old daughter. Reluctantly he takes her on a trip to his brother. When they arrive at the house his brother is missing. There’s evidence of a bright light in the nearby woods. Has a ufo landed?
When his daughter’s life is threatened by an alien presence he must now start acting like real dad. He must do everything in his power to protect her.

Low-budget script. Few locations and characters. Alien creature effects required.





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